Storage of Anchor Discs or Wheels - Printable PDF


The abrasive storage area should be warm and dry. Some discs or wheels deteriorate in dampness, while it is especially hazardous to use a porous disc or wheel that has soaked up moisture and has then been allowed to freeze.

Most of our customers store their large abrasive discs or wheels horizontally in racks, while small discs or wheels are stacked on shelves. This is considered good practice. Large segmental discs are usually left on their shipping container until ready for installation on the grinding machine.

Partially used discs or wheels should be returned to the storage rack promptly. Discs or wheels left leaning against the machine, a post, or the wall invite breakage, with the consequent loss in value.

At all times discs or wheels should be handled carefully. Prevent them from being dropped or bumped. Do not allow them to be rolled around the shop. They can be handled better and more safely on pallets or padded hand trucks.