Mounting Anchor Discs - Printable PDF


Before mounting an Anchor disc, it should be tapped lightly with a mallet near the outer edge. A clear tone indicates that the disc is OK. Also at this time, inspect the inserts for obstructions, dirt or packing sawdust. Studs should be checked for straightness, soundness and battered threads.

Make absolutely sure that the surface between the abrasive disc and the steel disc wheel is clean and flat. Check for burrs and grinding swarf so that you do not tighten a disc against an uneven surface.

When mounting abrasives on the steel disc wheel, start all of the screws, turn them finger tight, then center the abrasives on the steel disc wheels. (Precision mounting dowels make centering automatic). Tighten all of the screws in each bolt circle together, starting with the inside row. They should be tightened to 10-15 foot-pounds of torque. This is not very much and the inserts will stand a lot more, but this is all that is needed. A standard allen wrench should be used to tighten the screws snugly. Do not use handle extensions or hammers on these allen wrenches, as this will distort the metal around the holes in the steel disc wheel.

When mounting 42”, 53” or 72” sectional discs, all of the above precautions should be taken. Sections should line up around the steel disc wheel in numerical sequence, and each section should be pulled toward the outer edge of the steeldisc wheel. Install opposite sections to maintain balance. On an eight-section disc, mount section 1, then 5, 2 then 6, 3 then 7, 4 then 8.