Receiving Inspection of Anchor Discs - Printable PDF


Abrasive discs consist of abrasive grains imbedded in a bonding resin. Other ingredients are added
to increase grinding effectiveness, and the composition is varied to meet each grinding problem. All grinding discs must be handled carefully, but a “soft” grinding disc contains less bonding resin than a “hard” disc and must be handled even more gently.

Throughout all of the manufacturing operations, Anchor discs are handled with great care. They are thoroughly checked before shipment and we spend considerable time and money on packing. We, as manufacturers, have done our part in complying with the American National Standards Safety Code in supplying a sound product.

We have no way of knowing how our discs were treated in transit, so the first inspection at our customer's plant should be at the receiving dock. Broken crating boards or other signs of rough handling should be reported to the carrier immediately.

A second inspection should be made as soon as the shipping containers are opened. Certain very soft discs could be broken inside the box without any external evidence of improper handling.