Anchor specializes in designing and manufacturing nut-inserted discs and cylinders from 8” to 72” in diameter.

Anchor disc and cylinder wheels are custom formulated to each job. Job-matching our products allows Anchor to meet or often exceed our customer’s disc grinding requirements. Anchor resin bonded discs are formulated for both wet and dry grinding and can be found on most single or double disc grinders. Anchor epoxy bonded discs are formulated to be much more resilient than our resin bonds. This makes them the ideal choice when grinding hardened materials such as bearing races or tool steels. Anchor oxychloride bonded discs are custom formulated for dry grinding the ends of coil springs.

Anchor supplies disc wheels to many of the best known manufacturing plants in the world. Anchor disc wheels are typically found flat grinding bearing races, coil springs, hand tools, piston rings, connecting rods and many different powdered metal components.

Anchor cylinder wheels are designed for Blanchard or similar type vertical spindle grinders. Cylinder wheels can be made from 11” to 30” in diameter and up to 6” thick.